The Master of Black Water. Part 1. English Version

The Master of Black Water. Part 1. English Version


This is the first part of Darina Frein’s metaphysical novel “The Master of Black Water.” An action-packed story that, in an easy manner, reveals the basic principles of the «Nante-Namar» method of developing consciousness. it shows you that everything that seems unshakable and solid can be easily destroyed. How does this world actually work? And what is our place in it?

Это переведенная на английский книга «Я красиво убиваю людей. Часть 1»


This is online book in Epub3

Do you believe that you can kill with magic? Yes, most of you would smile ironically, and that’s alight. This is exactly what happened a few thousand years ago when the law designed to regulate such influences was abolished. But our story is not about ancient times, it begins in 2018 when an ordinary girl named Elia received a task to assassinate a person without making a contact.
The series of books by Darina Frein “The Master of Black Water” is a metaphysical novel about the life of a spiritual practitioner in the harsh reality of the material world. This is a story that stands out, it will captivate you from the very first lines.

Darina Frein is a spiritual developer, leader of the Nante-Namar community, philosopher and master of transformation.
She created a methodology that meets the needs of a modern man, the concept of a worldview, which is easily integrated into your usual life. There is no need for asceticism, change of name, image, way of life in order to comprehend metaphysical categories. 



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